Image of a wooden sign with the word "welcome" written in brown fantasy-style handdrawn type. The sign sits on a grassy rise surrounded by scrubby bushes and low trees with twisted branches, looking something like tea-tree or paperbarks. The image is surrounded by a tan brown wooden frame.

Queer Without Gender is the online home of queer, indie writer K. A. Cook: an abrosexual, aromantic, agender autistic who experiences chronic pain and mental illness. Ze writes creative non-fiction, personal essays and novels about the above on the philosophy that if the universe is going to make life interesting, ze may as well make interesting art.

Ze is the author of several short fantasy stories combining ridiculous magic, cats, disability, bacon, mental illness, microscopic gnomes, aromanticism, the undead, verbose eldritch entities and as many transgender autistics as any one story can hold.

Ze also runs the aro media blogs @aroworlds and @alloaroworlds, as well as the aromantic stock image archive Aro Arrows.

Information about hir works can be found on hir fiction and non-fiction pages.

Thanks so much for stopping by!