Image of a wooden sign with the word "welcome" written in brown fantasy-style handdrawn type. The sign sits on a grassy rise surrounded by scrubby bushes and low trees with twisted branches, looking something like tea-tree or paperbarks. The image is surrounded by a tan brown wooden frame.

Queer Without Gender is the online home of queer, indie writer K. A. Cook: an abrosexual, aromantic, agender autistic who experiences chronic pain and mental illness. Ze writes creative non-fiction, personal essays and novels about the above on the philosophy that if the universe is going to make life interesting, ze may as well make interesting art.

Ze is the author of several short fantasy stories combining ridiculous magic, cats, disability, bacon, mental illness, microscopic gnomes, aromanticism, the undead, verbose eldritch entities and as many transgender autistics as any one story can hold.

Ze also runs the aro media Tumblr blogs @aroworlds and @alloaroworlds, as well as the aromantic stock image archive Aro Arrows. You can find hir thoughts about aromanticism, allosexual aromanticism and the aromantic community on Aro Worlds.

Aromantic Fiction

Cover images: Hallo, Aro; When Quiver Meets Quill; The Wind and the Stars; Bones of Green and Hearts of Gold. Covers feature stylised images of trees and feathers with pink, black or white handdrawn type for author credit.

Mara and Esher Hill

Cover images: The Sorcerous Compendium of Postmortem Query, What Makes Us Human, Those With More, Love is the Reckoning. Covers feature a variety of outdoor and indoor scenes with white fantasy-style type for title credit.

Kit and Amelia March

Cover images: Ringbound, Abscence of Language, Old Fashioned, Conception. Covers feature a variety of indoor scenes with brown, red or white fantasy-style type for title credit.

Efe and Darius

Cover images: Certain Eldrich Artefacts, One Strange Man, The Adventurer King. Artefacts features a market stall scene, One Strange Man features a door set into a wall covered by ivy and roses, and King features a book on a table with a diploma, a rope and a compass sitting on the cover.

The Eagle Court

Cover images: Their Courts of Crows, A Prince of the Dead, The King of Gears and Bone. All covers feature grey pencil-style drawings of animals and plants with grey script text on a distressed journal page background.