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I should leave this post for tomorrow, but I’m excited, so you get it now. Apologies for those who follow via email and have had their in-boxes spammed. One day I will be a consistent blogger … but today is not that day.

I’ve mentioned Platform before: our somewhat anti-literary, literary magazine, commissioned by the amazing Bruno Lettieri, sponsored by Victoria University, devoted to an ethos of established, community and emerging writers gracing the pages of the same magazine. This issue is a special one. Created by an editorial team of Professional Writing and Editing TAFE and Higher Education Communications students, designed by Beata Cranswick’s Advanced Diploma Students, featuring the well-known Baby Guerrilla art that graces the main entrance of VU’s Footscray Park campus, it is our first-ever themed issue: education!

We tackle education in and out of the classroom. We write about the teachers that inspired us, the teachers that frightened us and the teachers that said nothing at all. We write about, I think, the importance of education in how it shapes us to become the writers we are now, its challenges and pressures, the memories it leaves behind. At a time when universities are suffering tremendous financial cuts, to a point where getting funding for a publication like Platform isn’t as simple as it should be, I think this issue is a much-needed reminder of why education matters.

I was lucky enough to have a piece accepted for publication. ‘These are the words’ is my reflection on the words said and unsaid that matter to students with regards bullying and the damage it causes. I was also lucky enough to be asked to write the editorial, where I try and explain what this issue is about in as few words as possible!

Many thanks go to, in no particular order: commissioning editor Bruno Lettieri, for his financial wizardry, undying enthusiasm and emotional support; my co-managing editor, Emanuel Cachia, for long and awesome discussions, more emotional support and unfailing encouragement; to Beata Cranswick and Karen Georgakis for all their work on the internal design and cover; and to Ron Burrows, Anna Brasier, Nina Mtanu, Julia Kyle and Emma Ware for their hard work selecting, editing and proofing the content. This amazing issue couldn’t have existed without any of them, and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to work with all of them.

I hope you enjoy. Please, if there’s anything here that speaks to you, share this file around to your friends, family, neighbours, strangers and enemies. We really do want to see this collection of amazing words put into as many hands as possible.



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