Self-publishing (as a beginning author)

My friend J. P. Kyle links my last post on Amazon and Patreon and provides a great many links useful to self-published writers. Worth reading for this alone! It just so happens, however, to be a launching off-point for several essay-length comments by yours truly (yes, of course I write essay-length comments) about the self-publishing experience, blogging here at QWG and what it means to be a beginning/just-starting indie author…

(Also, Asylum is now up on Amazon. Yay!)

2 thoughts on “Self-publishing (as a beginning author)

    • Um, you promote just about everything I ever do. (Don’t think I haven’t noticed how busy you are on Twitter! I have!) I wouldn’t even get that kind of dedicated promotion and support at an actual publishing house, and you do it, without bribes, just because you’re amazing and awesome. I think you’ve earned what little I can do in return, personally! Besides, it’s a super interesting conversation

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