Blog Promo: Aro Worlds

I don’t need another blog. I’m failing quite nicely at keeping up with the ones I have.

Except that I was browsing Tumblr one day and felt so frustrated at the decreased visibility for aro creative media compared to ace creative media. The problem with having a bunch of social media, editing, design and text-related skills housed in a disabled body is that my brain keeps on telling me that if it doesn’t exist to my specifications, there’s nothing stopping me from doing it myself. There isn’t, if I discard mental illness and chronic pain.

(It’s kind of amazing how a brain that is impacted by mental illness has a habit of just ignoring said mental illnesses until I’m neck deep in all the things my brain told me to do, all the things driving me to panic and suicidal ideation because, shock, I can’t do everything. I mean, come on. We’ve been through this hell multiple times now, brain. Learn, would you?)

I’m not saying that ace folks have a glut of representation. That isn’t true. I am saying that there’s a little more conversation about it, more available resources connecting ace audiences to ace creativity; it’s a little bit easier to find, especially if you’re after alloromantic ace media.

It feels like it should be funny to say this, but if someone had to pick three identity labels to inscribe on my tombstone, I’d tell them to use queer, autistic and aro. Despite the domain name of this website, even. A lack of gender is pretty important to me, but when it comes to representation, I feel more keenly the lack of aro rep and the lack of autistic rep. Aromanticism is this word close to my heart that makes sense of years and years of frustration. It is a delight to have this word, but that delight is slightly tarnished by the experience of having this word, hugging it close, and then looking out over the world of creative media and going, now what?

This is the reason why all my protagonists are aro-spec, by the way. Is it unrealistic that very narrating autistic in the Marchverse (so far) is aro-spec? Yes, it is. But this is a world where I still haven’t explained the reason there’s no firearms (a reason called The Black Powder Edict, because mages who can make teensy blood sucking creatures thought of normal humans having guns and went fuck no) and there’s a walking corncob called Susan, so I’m only going for realism as and when it suits me. Besides, not having to write romantic attractions or relationships is the most liberating thing, so I’m going to continue to make most characters aro. They just happen to be trans and/or autistic because I want to make everybody trans and everybody autistic, too.

There is a surprising amount of aro media in existence; I am not the only writer with aro characters. I didn’t start the “aromanticism” tag on Smashwords. It’s just scattered all around, a post here and a post there, hard to find.

I’m hoping this little Tumblr blog might become useful in bringing aro-centric and aro-friendly media, along with aro audiences, together in the one place.