Change One: Books and Availability

This is the first announcement of several that I’ll be making over the next few weeks as I work to make my writing contribute at least a little to good causes like food, medication and therapy.

So, to this end, I’m going to be making some changes that can be summarised thus: fewer books available for free but wider availability.

A cartoony-vector-style image of a somewhat-overgrown garden against a grey stone wall, with a wooden signpost embedded in the grass just in front of the wall. Three wooden picture frames are nailed into the signpost, enclosing the cover images for Conception, The Adventurer King and The King of Gears and Bone. A wooden plank nailed above the sign post bears the text "updates" in white. Two bushes--one with orange tulip-style flowers and the other with yellow roses--sit in front of the sign, and a pink rose climbs the wall behind it. Trailing ivy and brambles climb over the edges of the signpost and hang down over it, slightly obscuring the covers in the picture frames.

From July 1, the only free complete works will be Old Fashioned, Certain Eldritch Artefacts, Their Courts of Crows, The Wind and the Stars and Crooked Words, plus any assorted side stories I post for fun. Everything else will have a price tag, unless you wish to provide donations or patronage (the method of how you might go about this will be the subject of another announcement post). If you do seek to support me outside of buying books directly, everything I self-publish will be made available to you for free.

If you’ve ever thought about trying my work but haven’t gotten around to downloading, I really do encourage you to download now and save a few dollars. I put everything up for free to get people interested, and since I know what it is to be unable to afford books, especially books that tell stories mainstream publishing doesn’t, it’s important to me that people have access to them. If I weren’t cursed by disabling chronic pain (not allowing me to work and tell stories on the side) or the lack of a healthy bank balance, I’d continue to put everything up for free. Unfortunately, I have neither a lack of pain nor a brimming bank balance, not to mention the fact that I live in an ableist and capitalist society, so my words need to help me survive.

(It is my sincerest hope that over time enough readers will support me financially that I can go back to having every book I self-publish optionally free for anybody to access, the state of one’s finances no barrier to inclusive storytelling. I’ll mention, too, that financial support allows me to run projects like the aro-spec artist profile series on @aroworlds, so even if you have no interest in reading my writing, buying my books helps me help my fellow aros.)

So! Here’s some handy links and teaser summaries to help you on your downloading quest. If for whatever reason the direct links aren’t working, please go to my book dropbox, where you’ll find PDF and EPUB versions of everything below.

All books below are available in the Kobo and iBooks stores, too!

The Eagle Court

Cover images for Their Courts of Crows, A Prince of the Dead and The King of Gears and Bone.

This is the beginning of a series featuring the shambling dead, necromancy, politics, the things people do for family, aromanticism, a few different shades of disability and neurodiversity, Old World plants used as a metaphor and less setting-based humour. No romance here whatsoever, just the familial and platonic relationships between two brothers–one cis, pansexual and aro, the other trans/NB and aro-ace–and a trans general, all of whom have the unenviable task of trying to change a world that isn’t interested in listening. Lots of railing at ableist structures and allyhood.

The next story involves a magic-less non-binary commoner who has things to say to the privileged characters – cis and trans alike – on the problems of royals like Paide and Ein announcing political change, however idealistic, without getting the firm support of the people.

Their Courts of Crows: [PDF] | [EPUB] | [Smashwords]

A Prince of the Dead: [PDF] | [EPUB] | [Smashwords]

The King of Gears and Bone: [PDF] | [EPUB] | [Smashwords]

Amelia March

Cover images for Old Fashioned and Conception.

These are the first two stories in a humorous-and-serious side series featuring Amelia March, irascible trans and demi witch, dealing with the invading romantic, her annoying cousin Kit, an unexpected pregnancy, elves, the mysterious Osprey and Kit’s plan to begin the College. Lots of autism, frustration at other people and foreshadowing for Kit March.

The next story involves the beginning of the College, Kit’s lack of planning on the matter of teaching autistics magic and Amelia’s growing relationship with their new next-door-neighbour, Lady Plumeria. If you’re wanting the story where Amelia is aghast at the development of something as inconvenient and messy as romantic attraction towards another woman, this will be it.

Old Fashioned: [PDF] | [EPUB] | [Smashwords]

Conception: [PDF] | [EPUB] | [Smashwords]

Darius Liviu

Cover images for Certain Eldritch Artefacts, One Strange Man and The Adventurer King.

These are the first three stories in a slightly-less-humorous side series about Darius Liviu, awkward trans magician and former College student, living a life that’s excessively complicated several years before it all falls apart in a mysterious tower. He has to manage a lack of allistic aptitude for adventuring, verbose eldritch entities set on making over his life, midnight adventures pursuing the art of larceny and a royal companion who is ignorant but just appealing enough that Darius can’t quite hate him–at least not when the money is good and the job sounds interesting.

The next story involves the first of Darius’s adventures in bypassing politics with direct action, the reality of being an autistic magician in an allistic world and the challenges of a relationship when he can’t love that way back. If you’re wanting a story where the road to a queerplatonic relationship has arguments, a bloody royal nose and Darius’s sassing Efe in several different languages because he’s that done with taking shit from anyone, you might want to wait for this one.

The release of One Strange Man will be announced in a future post, but I am currently at the final proofreading and formatting stages.

Certain Eldritch Artefacts: [PDF] | [EPUB] | [Smashwords]

The Adventurer King: [PDF] | [EPUB] | [Smashwords]

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope there’s something here you’ll enjoy!