Linkspam Friday: July 27

Here’s the thing. I run multiple blogs. I’m putting new content out onto the internet every week. Most days, in fact, between review posts, artist profiles, the many questions in my Tumblr askbox and a few rants. And, unless you’re following me on every single blog, folks have got no idea as to just how much I’m doing online. Additionally, finding the time and spoons to create new content for this blog is difficult, as you’ve probably noticed from the sound of chirping crickets echoing around these cavernous walls.

(I’ve had a relative pass away in the last fortnight, so my well-laid plans have gone to hell. The fiction writing I’ve done has been very much in the arena of trying to distract myself from multiple panic attacks.)

So, every Friday, I’m going to collect everything I’ve worked on over the last week and post it here, and finish with a short ramble about whatever it is I’ve been drafting that week. Will it be a random mishmash of all things K. A.? Absolutely. Will you need to scroll past many things you’re not interested in? Quite likely. Will it help drown out those chirping crickets? We’ll see…

Header text: Aro Worlds: Connecting aro creatives and aro audiences. Header is in antique black type above an ornate divider.

WordPress Mirror: This week I’ve made a WordPress mirror for my @aroworlds blog on Tumblr as a means to archive static pages of the “about this blog” sort. This is because Tumblr is great for connecting with people and absolutely terrible as a blogging platform: it won’t let Android users access static pages. In fairness, this is only one of the ways Tumblr is ridiculous…

Aro-Spec Artist Profiles: I’ve also been updating the master page for the Aro-Spec Artist Profiles, with said profiles now being hosted on both Tumblr and WordPress. If you’re after more aro-spec creativity than is available on this blog, we’ve got twelve other talented creators who deserve your support and encouragement.

Aro-Spec Artist Profile – Neir / R. Tally: This week aroflux poet, musician and author R. Tally came in to talk with us about identity and connection to other people, composing non-romantic musical pieces, the fear of misinterpretation by alloromantics and the challenge of finding an audience for non-romantic works.

Ask – Characters and Absence of Love: In which an anon asks me about writing a character who doesn’t love in fear it contributes to aromisia. In response, I talk about how society treats love as the thing that makes us human and how this sits uneasily with me as an autistic abuse survivor. Paide from A Prince of the Dead is the character I am referencing here.

Post – Avoiding “Phobia” Used As a Hate-Synonym: In which I spoke about my frustration at constantly seeing one of my mental illnesses used as a synonym for behaviours that target me as a multiply-marginalised person when words like “antagonism” and “-misia” exist. Tumblr user @herefortheaceandaro reblogged the post with even more non-ableist alternatives.

Ask – Alternatives to “-Phobe” in LGBTQIA+ Conversations: In which I spoke about my feelings of preferring to refer to people’s behaviour instead of directly naming them and my fear that coining a non-ableist alternative will only result in bullies proudly building a community behind it. Because that has happened far too often on Tumblr…

Romantic Love and Crumple-Horned Snorkacks (Through the Years) by Crimson_Square – I talk a little about reading a Harry Potter fanfiction with autistic, aromantic Luna Lovegood. This really should be canon…

Header text reads "Stim Toy Box" in white text on a colourful, stripedfractal background. Two small bear images stand on either side of the text, one holding a fish and wearing a fishing hat, the other holding a pot and wearing a spinner cap. The edges of the banner mimic torn paper.

WordPress Mirror: I also revamped my old DIY tutorial blog (deciding that I could regularly post tutorials was more than a little ambitious) into a mirror blog for @stimtoybox, for the same reasons as above. I’ve had a half-finished tutorial in drafts there for about eighteen months, now. I swear I’ll finish it one day…

Ask – Durable Gel Stim Toys: In which an anon asks me for more durable alternatives for gel/orbeez-filled stress balls, and I lament the lack before offering up putty and buckets of slime and talking about varying one’s stimming. (This last is a subject after my own heart; I mention it often.)

Review – eBay Silicone Feather Pendant: In which I review a very cheap silicone pendant piece I bought from eBay and show off one of the necklaces I made with it.

Reblog – “The Only Disability is a Bad Attitude”: In which I talk about, in response to @poetic-poppy’s absolutely correct evaluation, how this saying also denies disabled people space to feel and express the reality of being disabled/experiencing ableism.

Review – K-Mart Mermaid Sequin Slap Bands: In which I review a purple mermaid sequin slap band. It’s too loud for me, but I really like the hard/flat metal surface underneath for turning the sequins!

Review – K-Mart Hello Sunshine Sensory Shapes: In which I review a pink massage-ball style pyramid baby toy. Spoiler: I absolutely adore this toy. The shape and the rounded prickles are absolutely amazing for tactile stimming!

The Performance Magician: I started writing, as a short story, the scene Darius doesn’t know about: Efe and Aysun’s first meeting with Master Ayako, five days earlier. (This meeting happens on the same night as One Strange Man and The Skin Game, incidentally.) It was rather interesting getting to see Master Ayako through Efe’s POV! Unfortunately, this story lead to a following chapter, taking place about half an hour after the end of The Adventurer King, so I ended up with a new prelude and two new first-and-second chapters of The Performance Magician. Everything else will be scrapped or moved to later on. The first two chapters centre on showing just how ill-prepared Efe is for working with Darius and Darius’s struggle to cope with a man who means well but does not get it.

I adore showing Darius’s anger, annoyance or distress, as we’re discouraged in so many ways from ever showing just how difficult it is to deal with ignorant allistics, even the well-intended kind. It’s a wondrous thing to be able to focus the narrative so much on the idea that Darius isn’t wrong to feel as he does–since that runs counter to every last message society ever taught me.

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