Linkspam Friday: April 5

If all goes well, when this post goes up I should be escaping my GP’s office after another biopsy on my hand: an another adventure in our long-running quest to discover what is causing my dermatitis. I can’t say that I need this experience again, but at least I can write about wounds and blood with verisimilitude, and I’ve two characters for which this is quite important. Small mercies, right?

I am struggling at the moment in keeping up with everything in a consistent manner, which I think you know based on the the dust bunnies covering this blog. (I mean, I still haven’t updated my books with my new pronouns.) But, since I have written and made a couple of things, I think it’s worth gathering them here in the quest to appear accomplished.


Cover image for Hallo, Aro: Allosexual Aromantic Flash Fiction by K. A. Cook. Cover features dark pink handwritten type on a mottled green background with a large line-drawn peacock feather, several sketch-style leaves and swirly text dividers. Green arrows sit underneath each line of text.Hallo, Aro: Existence: For me, one of the more profound allo-aro experiences is the truth that it’s difficult to find information about aromanticism as separate from asexuality. This story adds a little bit of creative licence to autobiography and is in no way a complete rendition of my experiences, but the core of this, in terms of someone else’s inability to offer the word aromantic, is true.

(You can also read this on Tumblr or in PDF and EPUB formats.)

Love in the House of the Ravens: I’m posting the story of how Darius learns about the word “aromantic” in shorter snippets over April, Autism Acceptance Month. I’m quite excited at being able to post these stories about how autism and ableism impact his ability to come to terms with his aromanticism: it’s been a while since autism has been as central in my storytelling. This will become its own book, a sequel to Certain Eldritch Artefacts; I just thought I’d do something a bit different with how I initially post it.

(You can keep up via my tag on Tumblr and category on WordPress. I may do a proper linked master post when my hand heals.)


A photo focused on a brown mouse Sylvanian Families mouse doll/figurine standing beside a plastic faux-wood wall against a background of fake foliage, purple fabric flowers, a white picket fence, a red swing set and a fuzzy green bush. The mouse is wearing a handsewn dress in the colours of the allo-aro pride flag: a dark green waistband with a skirt of light green, white, yellow and gold quilting cotton stripes. A green ribbon is sewn to the front of the dress, with two small green beads, and she wears a gold ribbon bow on one of her ears.Allo-Aro Sylvanian Pride Dress: Given that I made an aromantic pride dress for one of my Sylvanian Families figurines, it was absurd not to make an allosexual aromantic pride dress as well. I struggled with this one, both in the sense that my brain couldn’t do things like space out the stripes and that my brain isn’t happy with this failure being so visible. Sometimes I find spatial orientation or correctly placing the sewing needle difficult, and since I know I can do (and have done) better, I find it hard to live with those times when it’s obvious that I can’t. (Internalised ableism, how are you doing?) It’s still a cute dress, but I’m bothered by its failure to match the image in my head.

Allo-Aro Pride Watercolour: This doesn’t look too bad given that I a) have no painting or colour blending skills, b) had the worst cheap child’s paint set with amazingly chalky paint, and c) used paper in no way designed for this purpose. But, with a little transparency, it doesn’t look too bad as a flag overlay. If you want to use it for anything, have at it.


a photo of two rows of six spherical squishy plush sitting on a mottled blue and white quilt cover. The plush have small round eyes in black thread with other embroidered facial features like noses, whiskers and beaks, with tiny, undersized ovals of plush sticking out for arms, wings and legs. From left to right, top to bottom: a yellow and green pineapple; a black, pink and white calico cat; a purple and white penguin; a grey koala; a brown and cream hedgehog; and a white and aqua bear.K-Mart Squishy Plush (one, two): K-Mart have released their own off-brand squishy plush and they are amazing. I recommend buying these in-store because the density varies and I prefer the softer ones, but I absolutely recommend these as cuter, cheaper versions of the Squeezamal squishy plush.

K-Mart Stretchy Carrot: K-Mart has Easter stim toys this year, so I grabbed their stretchy, sand-filled silicone carrot. I will say, after having written that review, that the chemical battery-acid smell has faded more than I thought it would, but it still doesn’t smell that great.

K-Mart Crunchimals: These are squishy plush toys filled with crinkle plastic (a sheet of cellophane) so they make a scrunching sound when squished. I don’t like the appearance very much, but I do like the sound and the recent price reduction to something far more affordable. I want to try making my own!


Aro-Spec Artist Profile: I’m trying to get this series going again, so I thought if I did one, other people may feel inspired to follow. Turns out that this hasn’t yet succeeded in provoking someone else to participate, but if you want to get to know me a little better in terms of how I feel about being both aromantic and creative, you can!

(You can also read this on Tumblr.)

The Allosexual Aromantic Erasure Guide: I’ve noticed there’s a tendency to assume allo-aro experiences of erasure are similar to, and easily compared with, the erasure had by aro-aces and aro-specs who are also ace-spec. I’ve also noticed a lack of discussion on how being allosexual intersects with aromanticism when it comes to erasure, especially of the sort that centres asexual-spectrum identities. So here’s forty-five (sometimes similar, often overlapping) ways allo-aros experience erasure in a-spec and aro-spec spaces.

(I’ve made some a-spec community discussion posts/rants on my @alloaroworlds Tumblr, but I’m working on combining these into a more organised resource. There’s a real need for informative posts about allo-aro experiences, concerns, identity and inclusion.)