Queer Without Gender is the online home of indie and DIY author K. A. Cook.

They are a polyaffectionate, aro, pan-ace/cassexual, genderless, autistic, feminist-ish, really-fucking-queer person who experiences chronic pain and mental illnesses. They write creative non-fiction, personal essays, short stories and novels about the above on the philosophy that if the universe is going to make life interesting, they might as well make interesting art. Frustration about the lack of diverse representation is surprisingly motivating, at least when they’re on the right combination of meds to manage the keyboard.

(By “feminist-ish” they mean “feminist in theory while expressing distaste towards feminism as a moment’s rampant gender reductionism and gender essentialism”. It’s a messy tangle of feeling like they have to be a feminist while knowing damn well that feminism doesn’t support them unless they pretend alignment to womanhood. Increasingly, they consider themselves feminist in how they write non-female and male characters, not in their centering of women and femininity.)

They are the author of several short fantasy stories combining ridiculous magic, cats, disability, bacon, mental illness, microscopic gnomes, aromanticism, the undead, verbose eldritch entities and as many transgender autistics as any one story can hold. Don’t ask them to explain the bacon, because they can’t. Cats, on the other hand, are warm and stimmy, so this hardly needs explaining.

They struggle with the art of responding to comments, be it from pain, anxiety or avoidance, so they beg your patience on this point.

K. A. is about long-form writing, be it fiction or non-fiction, so please expect to sit down and spend a few minutes employing the scroll button.



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