K. A. is queer, trans, genderless or gendervoid, somewhat masculine-presenting, panalterous, polyaffectionate in theory but struggling to put it into practice, asexual, aromantic, autistic, extremely anxious and far too used to living with chronic hand pain and suicidal ideation for anyone’s sanity. (Lately, their health woes have expanded to include migraines and anaemia. Yes, they are unbelievably done with this.) For the longest time they thought they were merely quirky, but after a year of psychologist frustration they now know “autistic” makes much better sense of their particular weird.

They collect things that are brightly coloured (old-school Greythorne and Tassell swap cards, fashion dolls, Sylvanian Families figurines, rubber ducks, squishies, Tangles, assorted stim/fidget toys and a few vintage My Little Ponies), spend more time than is cool at op shops, play Magic the Gathering, sew buttons onto denim jackets, read speculative fiction and ponder the intricacies of the English language. They’re opinionated, sensitive, flaky, idealistic and haven’t yet learned how not to fucking swear.

They were a Professional Writing and Editing student and ebook design tutor, and still dabble in publication production, text and flyer design and editing, but these days they spend most of their time running the fidget blog [Stim Toy Box] and writing [The Unnatural Philosophy of Kit March] while waiting for the pain team to do something about their pain. They’ve been published under their real name in Platform magazine, Granite News and the It’s all about the writing anthology. They’ve designed and edited Up Close and Personal and VULJ in addition to their own works.

K. A.’s current projects involve editing their Big Fat Fantasy Novel, presently titled Something They Call Glory, for querying. They’re also redrafting/editing/line editing the novel Whatever Great-Aunty Lizzie Says and the not-so-short story collection Three Live Mice, both to be released under the name S. K. Een. They’re currently writing the next chapter of Kit March and two sequels to [Their Courts of Crows] entitled “A Prince of the Dead” and “The King of Gears and Bone”. If they can find a way to make every character trans and autistic, they will.

Don’t be alarmed if you comment and they don’t comment back: they’re probably just nursing a whole lot of hand pain, anxiety or both. Mostly both. They’ll reply in the year 2050 when the doctors invent a cure or Apple invents speech recognition software that actually works with words longer than seven letters.

If you really want to talk to them, you’re better off trying over on their Tumblr blog, [Eldritch Esoterica]. They still won’t promise to reply, but they’re slightly better at remembering to check that inbox.


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