Amelia March

She encloses her grimoires in sanitary spells, keeps monsters in the cellar and hates being interrupted when she’s nose-deep in a romance novel. The universe gave her the grave misfortune of being related to Kit March, and so Amelia’s life was never going to be easy before she tried to be a doctor and settled on working as the village witch. She’s grumpy, blunt and baffled by the people around her, and her stories are quirky, slightly-comedic slice-of-fantasy-life pieces about demiromanticism, relationships, Kit, autism and narrative.

Beginning forty one years before Tes arrives at the College, Amelia’s stories depict the very beginning of Kit’s plans to teach magic to autistic students—and reveal a few key facts about a mysterious sword, the elves and the Greensward.

Amelia is a non-narrating character in The Unnatural Philosophy of Kit March as Doctor March, the boot-stomping goddess of the infirmary, and makes a cameo appearance in A Prince of the Dead.

Old Fashioned: an Amelia March short story

Cover image for K. A. Cook's "Old Fashioned: an Amelia March Story". Cover has a vector image cartoony style picture of a bedroom with rough-made furniture--bed, stool, chest of drawers, a shelf. Magical items like bone amulets, glowing mushrooms and spell bottles are hanging from or sitting on the shelf. The title and author credit are written in red and white handwritten type.

Amelia March is tired of suitors breaking into her house after dark to express their undying love. Sure, it might be the fashion, but whatever happened to getting to know someone first? Why won’t they listen to her when she says she isn’t interested? And what does it mean that her cousin Kit thinks there’s a word for her approach to romantic relationships?

Old Fashioned is a story about finding words and the importance of fake cobwebs in the windows.

Contains: an irascible, trans, autistic witch learning the word “demiromantic”; her infuriating, gay, aromantic, trans cousin delivering an explanation; a black cat with an unimaginative name; and the bewildering actions of the alloromantic.

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Sequel Works: Conception, The Unnatural Philosophy of Kit March

Conception: an Amelia March short story

Cover image for K. A. Cook's "Conception: An Amelia March Story". Cover has a vector image cartoony style picture of a lounge room with rough-made furniture--mantel, rocking chair, stool, table--in front of a stone fireplace. Magical and household items like bone amulets, glowing mushrooms, spell bottles and a glowing capsicum sit on the mantel, books and flowers sit on the table and a loaf of bread sits on the stool. A round brown rug covers the stone floor, and laundry hangs from the roof. The title and author credit are written in a red and white handdrawn type.

With Kit gone to the Greensward, Amelia March is content with her faked witchery, the ailments of her villagers and romance confined to a novel. She isn’t pleased, therefore, to find her cousin darkening her doorway—her cousin with two feet, a belly, a sword of some distinction, a story, a young girl named Osprey, a beaming smile and an undying hatred for the elves. Still, Amelia thinks she can survive the chaos, at least until Kit announces a grand plan to start a school for divergent magicians…

Contains: a trans, demiromantic autistic who just wants to be alone with her cat; her trans, aromantic, autistic cousin set on upending her life; a mysterious weapon of mythical provenance; and a looming elfish threat.

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Prequel Works: Old Fashioned

Sequel Works: The Unnatural Philosophy of Kit March