TwiSchoolHeader_smlThe Twilight School is the community engagement initiative of the Salesian College Sunbury and one of the many pet projects managed by the fabulous Bruno Lettieri. It offers after-hours courses and programs in everything from Salsa dancing and farmlet husbandry to writing and mental health. Patrons of the Twilight School include famous Australian literary personages Helen Garner, Alice Pung and Ailsa Piper, and recent guests include equally-famous Australian (and New Zealand) literary personages Sofie Laguna and John Clarke.

My job is the designing of several event flyers and the creation, administration and maintenance of the website, but Bruno Lettieri has generously offered me the chance to publish new and old work (in addition to a few projects for which I’m quite excited).

All my articles can be found on the Contributors page or under the tag Kim Cook.


July 1, 2016

‘One little word’ (creative non fiction): it should be easy to be accepted as one’s self in the face of a warm and welcoming community, but one little word and a well-ingrained fear of religion get in the way.



July 25, 2016

‘These are the words’ (creative non fiction): the words a teacher doesn’t say to a student can have as much impact as those they do. An exploration of the lifetime damage bullying and words in childhood cause adults.

(Reprinted from Platform 15.)


balloonquotetwiAugust 10, 2016

‘Tears of inclusion’ (creative non fiction): in the lead up to the Twilight School’s ‘Three Personal Perspectives’ mental health forum, I talk about the importance of mental health dialogue, and why the inclusion of writer Barry Garner means everything to me, a person with mental illnesses.


p8170283August 26, 2016

‘Break the silence’ (creative non fiction): the ‘Three Personal Perspectives’ forum, thanks to the courageous honesty of our presenters, left no audience member unmoved. What do we do now we have been gifted with those insights?


ham-260108November 16, 2016

‘A Night with Rosalie Ham’ (creative non fiction): An event-write up of Australian The Dressmaker author Rosalie Ham’s October 26 Twilight School conversation evening with Bruno Lettieri.