Before You Follow

This is a “Before You Follow” page for K. A.’s Tumblr blog, on account of Tumblr’s inability to allow Android users access to static pages.

In general:

Feel free to reblog content. Personal posts are tagged personal but I’m a writer, so I have no particular expectation for privacy. If I really don’t want something reblogged, I’ll say so in the tags.

I experience partial seizures/migraines, and flashing/flickering/shifting light/images are one of my triggers. If we get to talking and I follow you in return, I’d be intensely appreciative if you’d tag any moving GIFs as “GIF” or “moving”.

My personal and writing blogs, as well as my website, are moving GIF free. I will not post or reblog these.

I add image descriptions to most of my original content. I can’t add them to reblogs, as I rarely possess the spoons (as a chronic hand pain sufferer) to do this. Please don’t hesitate to ask me if I need to improve in my descriptions, but do know that descriptions take spoons I don’t often have.

I do not tag, at all, on my @k-a-cook Tumblr blog because I do not have the spoons to tag content on one more blog. I do tag on all others.

I’m a verbose autistic who takes many words to get to the point. I format my text as much as possible to make this easier to read, but I don’t recommend that folks who struggle with reading and literary processing follow me. I’ve endured a lifetime of too many people telling me to use fewer words or yelling at me to get to the point, so I have little interest in curbing my natural expression on my own blog.

I have an emotional/physical/sexual abuse history. I also have a history of having endured ableism (as relates to autism, mental illness, chronic pain and WorkCover), heterosexism, cissexism, exorsexism and other forms of queer-specific hate and discrimination. Oh, and misogyny/rape culture. Sometimes I talk about those things.

If you need me to tag for anything that isn’t the word “queer” on any blog that is not my @k-a-cook, please ask. (See below.)

I use the word queer to describe myself and my community of people who identify as queer. I do not feel included in any of the various initialisms and do not feel said initialisms describe all the people who belong under the queer umbrella and, consequently, need a term. I try to tag for “queer” on most of my blogs, but I am the first to admit that I am not reliable at so doing, so I’d recommend looking into a word replacer plug-in if the word bothers you and you still wish to follow me.

It should go without saying that I’m not going to bother to tag for “queer” on Queer Without Gender.

I also refer to my characters as queer, not LGBTQIA+.

I generally use the words “queer” and “LGBTQIA+” to discuss issues pertaining to these communities. I prefer that people use queer to describe me, but LGBTQIA+ is also acceptable. I do not identify as “LGBT” and do not wish to be referred to as such.

I never mean cishet to mean anything other than “person who is heterosexual, heteromantic, cis and perisex”.

All ace, aro and a-spec people who consider themselves queer are. Including cis heterosexual aros and cis heteromantic aces.

I am always pro self-dx. I believe anything to the contrary is ableist and classist (at least). I’m not interested in discussing this if you don’t agree.

I don’t much care who follows me. I will block you if your interactions are super explicit, promote non-consent or reinforce rape culture, and/or I’m bombarded with icons that make me mistake you for a porn bot. I will block anyone who engages in hate for who I am without apology or hesitation, and I am not interested in debating you on matters of antagonism or intracommunity bullying/harassment.

I consider words like “transphobia” to be as ableist, speaking as a person with a phobia or two, so I tag “cissexism” or “aromisia” as alternatives. Please add those tags to your blacklist.

I’m white. I’ll probably fuck up on occasion when/if I open my mouth on racial issues. I apologise in advance and I’ll try to do better.

Other privileges include being transmisogyny exempt, Western, English-speaking and perisex.