Cover image of “Certain Eldritch Artefacts” by K. A. Cook. Cover image shows a cartoony, stylised vector image scene of a market scene with hanging peppers and fabric above the text and rows of corked potion bottles sitting on a wooden counter display surrounded by vegetables and sacks. Title and author name are written in a dark brown handdrawn typeK. A. Cook is a panalterous, aro-ace, genderless, autistic feminist who experiences chronic pain and mental illness. They write creative non-fiction, personal essays, short stories and novels about all of the above on the philosophy that if the universe is going to make life interesting, they might as well make interesting art.

Cover image for K. A. Cook's 'The Unnatural Philosophy of Kit March'. Vector/cartoon styling of a creepy folly/shack/treehouse with various gothic accountrements and a crow or raven perched on the roof. Folly is surrounded by more vector images of trees, bushes and scrub set on a cartoony green-hill background. Typeface for author and title credit is white stroked with black. The whole thing is very flat/one-dimensional and looks like a still from an 80s cartoon.When they’re not writing, they design flyers, edit and administrate websites. They can also be found collecting fashion dolls and playing Magic the Gathering. They sew, glue, craft and make accessories for both in addition to handbound books and stim toys.

Cover image of Crooked Words by K. A. Cook. Image is of a star in a near-dark sky with a faint strip of colour on the horizon from the almost-set sun.Collections and Anthologies: Survival, Up Close and Personal, it’s all about the writing, Crooked Words

Cover image of Platform Issue 16. Platform header is in red-orange beside a boxed logo, sitting above the white and black line art of a girl holding books, painted on a blue brick wall dotted with windows.Periodicals: Platform 15, Platform 16, Granite News

The Stillwater Files: Asylum

Cover image of Death is Only a Theoretical Concept by S. K. Een. Cover shows a black silhouette zombie in a yellow road sign on a grey concrete background; text is white outlined with red.Port Carmila: Death is Only a Theoretical Concept

The Unnatural Philosophy of Kit March: The Unnatural Philosophy of Kit March web serial, The Adventurer King

Cover image of "Their Courts of Crows" by K. A. Cook. The top half of the cover shows a black silhouette of a tree branch crossed with a longsword, with three crows taking flight around the branch. The bottom half has the text "their courts of crows" in a white fine sans-serif type in a black box above "k. a. cook" in black text on the cover's white background.Short Stories: Their Courts of Crows, Certain Eldritch Artefacts

Works in Progress: Whatever Great Aunty Lizzie Says, Three Live Mice (And Other Undead Tales), The Prince of the Dead, A King of Gears and Bone


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