TSFAdigitalcoverK. A. is an indie author of queer, transgender and non-binary/gender non-conforming short fiction and novellas. As K. A. Cook they write queer fantasy and contemporary queer fiction that’s aggressively aromantic and has no guarantee of a happy-ever-after. As S. K. Een they write romantic, comedic queer short fiction with a happy ending.  They have currently turned in their first full-length non-binary-and-trans fantasy novel for assessment and hope to be shopping to agents next year.

P16cover_,smallThey tend to write stories and books about a diverse array of queer, trans and non-binary characters with some form of mental illness, disability or autism out of a desperate want for more queer, crazy, disabled, autistic representation.

Most of their works are available as free downloads in a variety of digital formats, although if you enjoy their writing, they’d appreciate it if you purchased those that aren’t. Even authors have to eat and pay the rent!

DioaTC_Cover_v14Collections and Anthologies: Survival, Up Close and Personal, it’s all about the writing, Crooked Words

Periodicals: Platform 15, Platform 16, Granite News

The Stillwater Files: Asylum

Port Carmila: Death is Only a Theoretical Concept, Three Live Mice (and Other Undead Tales)

Works in Progress: Something They Call Glory, Whatever Great Aunty Lizzie Says, A Courtship of Magpies

Serials and Online Writing: The Unnatural Philosophy of Kit March, Certain Eldritch Artefacts, The Adventurer King, Their Courts of Crows


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