Works in Progress

What works do you have to look forward to, aside from the two dozen draft posts I need to finish, someday? Well…

Something They Call Glory

Raider ibei Zahrian, change boy swordbrother-to-be, survived Halka through his wits, pragmatism and one hell of an attitude. Even that’s not enough, though, to guarantee him the earring and a job with an employer who understands he’s not a girl with a sword fetish, until he happens upon an awkward, stuttering sacrifice who can’t survive a conversation with the hallmaster, never mind the demands of international politics. Leïs Anejyá, raised to give hir life to save the world on the day hir magic devours hir sanity, needs someone to help hir prove that ze can serve the peacekeepers as a mind-reader, and Raider is more understanding of hir difficulties than ze ever expected to find. Leïs, though, is on the run from hir people, and hir secrets will change everything Raider ever believed about swordbrothers, sacrifices and the world Leïs’s people die to preserve.

Sacrifices will die if Raider doesn’t talk Leïs into revolution. Civilians will die if he does.

(Novel. Completed manuscript; currently in the hands of Julia Kyle of Havering, Kayleigh Bourquin and Emanuel Cachia of Error Proof for reading and assessment.)

Something They Call Revolution

Leïs and Raider head to Tenchiba in search of the magic that will allow them to bring down the Coalition.

(Novel. Currently completing first draft.)

right to left of centre

A new print and digital collection of K. A.’s short fiction and non-fiction. Includes previously unpublished pieces!

(Collection. Currently editing and designing.)

The Many Lives of Saskia van Ingen (working title)

A feature-length contemporary/drama screenplay exploring the dysfunctional, disjointed world of a young woman struggling to balance her conflicting lives as an out, radical queer and a member of a large, conservative, Dutch-Australian Catholic family. It’s also the first project I’ve begun that explores a relatively ignored facet of Australian multiculturalism and my own cultural heritage.

(Feature length screenplay. Scene breakdown stage.)


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