Content Advisory

Essays and Non-Fiction

Blog posts may contain references to mental illness, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, chronic pain, self-harm, abuse, bullying, rape culture, therapy, cissexism, heterosexism, gender essentialism, exorsexism, monosexism, amatonormativity, allosexism, aromisia, acemisia, misogyny and ableism.

Blog posts and other non-fiction articles will not (often) come with specific content warnings; please assume that the non-fiction posts of this blog may be a multitude of references to and reflections on the above. I do tag my posts, so please consider this as much as an individual warning as you are likely to get (exceptions being discussions on suicide or abuse, which I generally add extra warnings for).


As a writer and a reader who has triggers, I want to further the practice of content advisories in published fiction. I certainly believe in giving readers the ability to make the best possible choices about the media they consume, and as a producer of media I need to be part of that dialogue.

Please note that all my recent works contain a content advisory section within the file, accessible via the book’s table of contents. These advisories often do contain spoilers. Because I am human, and because there will be personal triggers and squicks I do not consider in addition to the ways in which I have privilege, I will acknowledge that there are very likely things in my stories for which I did not think to advise.

I write about autistic, queer, disabled characters with mental illnesses who have, as much as I can depict it, the experience of being a queer autistic with mental illness in the world. Stories may or may not contain depictions of or references to fantastical racism, misogyny, heterosexism, cissexism, monosexism, allosexism, aromisia, magic-as-sexual-assault, sexual assault, violence, self-harm, suicidal ideation and anything listed above I forgot to mention down here. I will advise for this in the posts accompanying individual stories if not inside the book itself.

At times, if I think a book is really like to be triggering, I’ll mention as such in the post content as well as inside the book.

I’m not an erotica writer and don’t anticipate writing explicit sex scenes, but my characters will engage in open and explicit discussions of sex, sexuality, sexual attraction, safe sex, sexual desires and sexual practice/experience. I won’t post additional advisories for this because I dislike Western society’s habit of blanketing queer sexual discussion in a notion of inappropriateness, but I will indicate if there is somewhat more than work-acceptable sexual references in a piece.

Please note that Hallo, Aro will contain references to sexual attraction and experience as shaped by aromanticism.

I hope this little detour helps you engage in my writing as safely as you can.

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