All books have full cover credits on each imprint page.


Header, widget and Marchverse book cover typefaces [Amadeus] by Bright Ideas and [Life Savers] by Impallari Type.

The Eagle Court book cover typefaces [Theano Didot] by Alexey Kryukov and [Scriptina] by Apostrophic Labs.

Post header typeface [Open Sans Light] by Ascender Fonts.

Body typeface [Minion Pro] by Robert Slimbach for Adobe.


Plant and sign stock images in header, most images used in the Marchverse covers, update/new chapter/downloads images and frame images in sidebar widgets by [OpenClipart-Vectors].

Wooden landing page/update image frame and new chapter image frame by [Maialisa].

Brick wall background by [iamsushant].

Author photo by Regina Cook.


[Truly Minimal] by [FlareThemes].


[B R Kyle] is a one-woman promotional machine who does it without even promises of chocolate.

[Kayleigh Bourquin] reads my books and says amazing and encouraging things about my characters.

[Alan] is the best trans, autistic reader a trans, autistic writer could ever ask for.


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