Header, widget and Marchverse book cover typefaces Amadeus by Bright Ideas and Life Savers by Impallari Type.

The Eagle Court book cover typefaces Theano Didot by Alexey Kryukov and Scriptina by Apostrophic Labs.

Post header typeface Open Sans Light by Ascender Fonts.

Body typeface Minion Pro by Robert Slimbach for Adobe.


Plant and sign stock images in header, most images used in the Marchverse covers, update/new chapter/downloads images and frame images in sidebar widgets by OpenClipart-Vectors.

Wooden landing page/update image frame and new chapter image frame by Maialisa.

Brick wall background by iamsushant.

Divider arrow base by gabmarper; plant/floral images by rawpixel and Clker-Free-Vector-Images.

Author photo by Regina Cook.


Truly Minimal by FlareThemes.


B R Kyle is a one-woman promotional machine who does it without even promises of chocolate.

Kayleigh Bourquin reads my books and says amazing and encouraging things about my characters.

Alan is the best trans, autistic reader a trans, autistic writer could ever ask for.

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