Eagle Court Side Stories

These are side stories, more like bonus scenes or character studies, about the characters of The Eagle Court, posted as extras for my website/Tumblr followers. This is a chance for me to post little (or maybe not-so-little) one-off pieces about various references and occurrences that don’t work as a full story.

Please know that these may not (and often won’t) stand well on their own as a first introduction to the wider Marchverse. Some of these may also cross over with other Marchverse works and characters, particularly those concerning Kit and Amelia March.

I started writing these as an exercise in not being quite so perfectionistic in how I work, so they’re not as polished as the other Eagle Court pieces, but I hope you’ll enjoy these little detours anyway.

Cover image of Maybe When the Bones Crumble by K. A. Cook. Cover has a waterstained paper background with grey line drawings of a textured feather, a dandelion head, a spilled ink bottle, a broken pen and an arrow, with the title written in alternating serif and handdrawn type. The effect is something like a sketch in an antique journal.Einas ein Iteme: Maybe When the Bones Crumble

Maybe When the Bones Crumble begins several months before Their Courts of Crows and finishes a month before A Prince of the Dead.

And how is your hand today?

His hand broken, his father dead, his brother rebelling and his mother dancing the bones, Einas ein Iteme has nobody at the Eyrie but his uncle and one cursed question he can’t escape.

Contains: A transgender, aro-ace, autistic prince with chronic pain, dealing with the expectations and abuse wielded by kin unable to value him for the person he is.

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Sequel works: Their Courts of Crows, The King of Gears and Bone