Header text reads "Stim Toy Box" in white text on a colourful, stripedfractal background. Two small bear images stand on either side of the text, one holding a fish and wearing a fishing hat, the other holding a pot and wearing a spinner cap. The edges of the banner mimic torn paper.

Stim toy reviews and DIYs alongside stimming, disability and neurodiversity culture posts, feels, celebrations and discussions.

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Ornate black text reading Aro Worlds Aromantic Spectrum Narratives and Creativity

Aro Worlds is an aro fictional media blog for creating, discussing, promoting and engaging with content that represents, celebrates or appeals to aro-spec people.

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Text reading Aro Arrows An Aro-Spec Image Library above an arrow silhouette.Aro Arrows is a free-use stock image archive, collecting flags, gradients, banners and arrows representing all shapes of aromantic spectrum pride.

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