Collections and Anthologies

When Quiver Meets Quill

Cover image for When Quiver Meets Quill: Collected Aromantic Fiction by K. A. Cook. Cover depicts a frame border in the stripes of the aromantic pride flag against a mottled green background, title text arranged around images of pencils and feathers. Text is in black handdrawn type outlined in different shades of greens, greys and whites.Jessie’s casing an art gallery affords an opportunity to discuss a queerplatonic relationship. The phrase “I don’t love” encompasses more than a prince’s lack of romantic attraction. A gay aromantic makes a game of his alloromantic co-workers’ inability to accept him. Alida finds an accomplice in petty revenge after hir friend sets hir up on a date. An aro-ace wanderer invents their own fairy tales free of weddings as a happily ever after. And a demiromantic witch learns about aromanticism from her allo-aro cousin after an escapade with an unwanted romantic admirer.

When Quiver Meets Quill collects fourteen fantasy and contemporary aromantic stories about amatonormativity, friendship and connection.

Contains: Asexual aros; allosexual aros; aros without reference to sexual attraction identities; transgender and non-binary aros; queer aros; autistic aros; neurodiverse aros; and a genderless aro dragon.

Links: PDF (read in browser)Patreon

PDF, EPUB and MOBI editions are available for download from Patreon.

Individual Stories: Lucky | The Wind and the Stars | Friendship | The Sorcerous Compendium of Postmortem Query | Monstrous | What if It Isn’t | Loveless | The Vampire Conundrum | Attraction | Old Fashioned | Leaving | When Quiver Meets Quill | Unspoken | The Pride Conspiracy

Length: 45, 000 words / 149 PDF pages.

Hallo, Aro

Cover image for Hallo, Aro: Allosexual Aromantic Flash Fiction by K. A. Cook. Cover features dark pink handwritten type on a mottled green background with a large line-drawn peacock feather, several sketch-style leaves and swirly text dividers. Green arrows sit underneath each line of text.Is it “aay-romantic” or “arrow-mantic”? What if she hears “I’m a romantic” instead of “I’m aromantic”? What if she says “isn’t that just friendship” or “that can’t be real” or, worst of all, “I’m looking for something more”?

Hallo, Aro is a series of flash fiction stories about allosexual aromantic characters navigating friendship, sexual attraction, aromanticism and the weight of amatonormative expectation.

Contains: Dragons, a duchess’s daughter, an autistic who collects pride merch, odd voyages into creative non-fiction, allo-aro werewolves, the power in aromantic discovery and a whole lot of allo-aro feels and experiences.

Links: Patreon | WordPress | Tumblr

PDF, EPUB and MOBI editions are available for download from Patreon.

Individual Stories: Unspoken | Leaving | Friendship | Lucky | Attraction | Existence | Neuronormative | Loveless | Monstrous | Pressure, Side One | Pressure, Side Two | Abrasive

Length: No story is longer than a thousand words.

Survival: PWE Anthology 2012

SurvivalShowcasing stories of survival written by the Professional Writing and Editing students at Victoria University. Out of print.

Edited, designed and produced by the Publishing Studio class of 2012.

‘Absent a Consonant’ (fiction): A boy looks at himself in the mirror and ponders the fear of telling his family that his name isn’t Susan.

(Digital edition of ‘Absent a Consonant’ available in the collection Crooked Words.)

Up Close and Personal: PWE Anthology 2013

What we see is what we get, but what we don’t see makes us miss so much more. A writer is someone who is not fully seen, or may be seen best through the prism of their writing. The Professional Writing and Editing book has been put together to show you the whole of us, not just a part. The writers who have contributed to this book have opened themselves up to the world, demonstrating not only their talents and skills, but their heart and souls.

We present to you Up Close and Personal, the 2013 Professional Writing and Editing Anthology, shining a light onto the inner workings of Professional Writing and Editing students at Victoria University.

‘Elysium’ (fiction): a girl seeks to escape her abusive family by following the call of the trees.

‘This thing called gender’ (creative non fiction): my life lived in the world as a genderless person.

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Links: Google Books | PDFEPUB | MOBI

It’s All About the Writing

71-EJfaKKfL._SL1500_A collection of short stories by emerging Australian writers. Edited by Emanuel Cachia at Error Proof.

‘The Palace and the Tower’ (fiction): To save her kingdom and set her dying father’s heart at ease, all Lina has to do is choose a prince. The only way to know if her many suitors are kind and worthy gentlemen, of course, is to send them to rescue a princess. The princess, however, has other plans…

Links: Amazon

Crooked Words

CW_cover_epub_smallerA Collection of Queer, Transgender and Womanist Writings

A young transgender magician travels the world on a quest for a mystical talking sword. A witch wonders why her would-be lovers can’t date her the old-fashioned way. A cross-dressing man meets a suit-clad soul whose gender defies definition. A non-binary zombie wonders why ze is not the hero in science fiction stories. A genderqueer manservant tries to save her mentally-ill lover with a deck of tarot cards. A boy looks at himself in the mirror and ponders the fear of telling his family that his name isn’t Susan.

Crooked Words is an eclectic collection of short fiction in pursuit of the many different shades of what it means to live queer.

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Links: Google Books | Smashwords | Amazon US | Amazon AU | PDF | EPUB | MOBI

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