The thing about being a Professional Writing and Editing student is that you spend your days getting to know many amazing, accomplished, inspiring writers and publishing professionals – and many writers who are just beginning their journeys to become amazing, accomplished, inspiring writers and publishing professionals (and wow my pants off already). Luckily, I get to say that I knew them first!

PWE Students

Anna Brasier / A Million Shades: writer, editor, poet, autism advocate, incredibly hard-working mother

Michellina van Loder / The Labyrinth: writer, poet, protester, fragrance-free advocate, one of the strongest women I know

B R Kyle / Tumblr and Ambiguous Pieces: writer, journalist, feminist, editor/author/teacher in the making

Dylan Marshall / The Writings of a Mad Mental Adventure: writer, graphic artist, poet (the creator of the map in my novella, Asylum)

Professional Writing and Editing

Professional Writing and Editing at Victoria University: all the information you need to start your journey as a PWE student, with some of the best writers and teachers in Melbourne

Rotunda in the West on Facebook: the online home of Rotunda in the West, the best and brightest bunch of literary enthusiasts in Melbourne!

Writers of Queer Fiction

I D Locke / I D Locke: writer of queer and het romance/erotica with plot (and zombies)

Clodia Metelli / Clodia Metelli: writer of queer historical romance/erotica with plot

Frogs of War / Frogs of War: writer of contemporary gay, trans and queer romance with plot

(For the loveliest bunch of readers and writers of queer fiction around, I refer you to my friends’ list on LJ: they are almost continually producing queer drabbles and short fiction, and have oodles of free reads if anyone wants to while away the afternoon with quirky and adorable queer (mostly but not always m/m) romances.)

Literary Businesses

Pro GamerS Games and Collectables (PGS): Emanuel Cachia’s new one-stop Melbourne’s Western Suburbs geek-central shop (buying awesome geek stuff from here means that I can pay the rent, and if I can pay the rent, you get content!)

Error Proof: Emanuel Cachia’s all-round editing/production/publishing business (Emanuel was my editor for It’s all about the writing and my co-managing editor for Platform)

J P Kyle Literary Services: Julia Kyle’s editing business in the making. Not a business yet, but currently an archive of links and writing posts all Australian writers need to see!


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