Marchverse Side Stories

These are side stories, more like bonus scenes or character studies, about the characters of The Eagle Court, The Unnatural Philosophy of Kit March and the accompanying Marchverse Short Stories, posted as extras for my website and Tumblr followers. They’re free to download, but they won’t be made available from a vendor or retailer. This is a chance for me to post little (or maybe not-so-little) one-off pieces about various references and occurrences made throughout the Marchverse that aren’t big enough for a longer story.

Please know that these may not (and often won’t) stand well on their own as a first introduction to the wider Marchverse.

I started writing these as an exercise in not being quite so perfectionistic in how I work, so they’re not as polished as the other Marchverse pieces, but I hope you’ll enjoy these little detours anyway.

Kit March: Ringbound

Cover image for Ringbound by K. A. Cook. Cover shows an eight-pane window set into a cream brick wall above a stone and wood table or bench, with various items sitting on the table--candles in vases, bottles, a large shell, a white vase filled with flowers, two gold rings propped against the vase. The text is written in brown fantasy-style handdrawn type. Through the window, scrubby green trees and a blue-green sky is visible. The subtitle "a marchverse short story" is written in white handdrawn type.Ringbound takes place two years before Old Fashioned and forty-two years before Tes arrives at the College.

Kit can’t find anything unfair about the contract or the man, so why is the ring so heavy?

Kit March is a signature away from marrying the man who loves him. He should be delighted, but for reasons he doesn’t understand and can’t explain, his future with Lauri weighs upon him. What is a magician to do when no script extant has words for the confusion he feels?

Sequel works: [Old Fashioned]

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