Love in the House of the Ravens

Cover image for Bones, Belts and Bewitchments: A Marchverse Collection by K. A. Cook. Cover shows the opening to an unlit cave in a face of grey rock, covered in parts by trailing branches, vines and leaves. Barren trees grow around the cave entrance and white and broken bones rest around and inside the opening. Title and author credit are written in a white, fantasy-style text.The second Efe and Darius story. One Strange Man takes place during Darius’s years in Rajad, seven years after Certain Eldritch Artefacts.

After seven years in Rajad, Darius has fallen out of love with the unattainable and failed to fall in love with the companionate. When the right person offers a romantic relationship and he doesn’t understand why yes won’t grace his tongue, the only thing an autistic man can do is ask the Ravens–and hope he can survive the word they give him in return.

Love in the House of the Ravens is a story about what it means to be aromantic when one is also autistic and the world isn’t accepting of either.

Contains: An unknowing aromantic who isn’t prepared for his friends’ conclusion about his identity; a verbose eldritch entity stuffed in a saddlebag; an alloromantic trans man who will always be there for his queerplatonic partner; lots of casual polyamory; and some of the many ways autism impacts conversation and connection.

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Length: 10, 436 words / 29 PDF pages.

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