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Because nobody really wants to scroll through thirty-odd personal essays just to find the right post on hero narratives, and because my tagging system is somewhat random, have an (in-progress) list of all the posts I’ve written here at QWG. You may notice a strange and uncontrollable addiction to unnecessary hyperlinks … not to mention an absurd tendency to write the same damn thing in as many ways as possible. Good luck!



Essays (List with tag-lines)

Promotion (List with tag-lines)

Recommendations (List with tag-lines)

Creative Writing (Listed with tag-lines)


Promotion: Book and event promotion. Less wordy, usually.

Essay: The bread and butter of this blog. Lots of words.

Creative Writing: For the infrequent times I write something that isn’t quite a personal essay.

Recommendation: Things I have read that you should also read.


There is no reason that any given character can’t be trans: Why we need to write stories that don’t contain justifications for trans (or minority) characters being trans (or minorities).

Things that irk me: trigger warnings: The kind of mark-up I don’t wish to see when people add trigger or content warnings to media.

Queer lady witches and a firstborn child: A story idea, not mine, that I might have to write.

One amazing real life cishet friend and Gratitude in singular they: I talk about the kind of ally I need from real life people when it comes to my pronouns, and how much it matters to me when real life people answer that call.

Creativity and vulnerability: the tag for a collection of links to B R Kyle’s WordPress and Tumblr posts and comments I’ve made on just this topic.


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