October 2014

Promotion: rabbits, creativity and words: my friend Miche publishes a book, Netherland Dwarf Rabbits, that I helped midwife into being.

September 2014

Promotion: Amazon and Patreon: I put my books up on Amazon and start a Patreon in the hope of making a little money from my words. Got to pay the rent, after all!

Promotion: Pro GamerS: My friend Emanuel is starting a new geek merch business and you’re all invited to the opening. And a little rambling on one of my Port Carmila stories.

August 2014

The other me: Death is Only a Theoretical Concept: Why humour matters, why friendship is important, and why I feel the need to promote a book I wrote four years ago.

Launch: The Stillwater Files: Asylum: We need chronic pain and mental illness suffering heroes who are more than just objects to be rescued, damn it! Oh, and have my book that tries to do just that.

June 2014

Platform 16 digital edition: Have a digital copy of Platform 16 for your very own!

May 2014

Rotunda in the West and other adventures in story: I promote my Hannie Rayson in the Highlands piece and talk about the awesomeness of Bruno Lettieri, Rotunda and Platform.

January 2014

Launch Platform edition 15: I talk about the coolness of Platform’s philosophy and link you all to the gorgeous PDF edition.

November 2013

Launch week: Up Close and Personal: I talk about acknowledging my accomplishments and the awesomeness of the student anthology on which I worked and launched. Have a copy of your own!

Launch week: Crooked Words: I talk about why I write and link everybody to my collection of short fiction.


One thought on “Promotion

  1. Hey, best mid-wife ever, baby is doing well and shall be promoted further soon. Still stoked about the expertise help I got with that project.

    I need to reschedule our catch-up lesson on eBooking. I’m not well as I had that official fandango on Tuesday and feel crappy beyond belief. I think I was covered in Armani emanating from all the suits in the place. Can we do one week ahead, Thursday 15?

    Miche 🐰

    Liked by 1 person

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