This page exists because, as a designer of event flyers for writers and other creatives, it used to frustrate me no end to discover nobody bothered to compile this in one easy location.


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K. A. Cook is an abrosexual, aromantic, agender autistic who experiences chronic pain and mental illness. Ze writes creative non-fiction, personal essays and novels about the above on the philosophy that if the universe is going to make life interesting, ze may as well make interesting art. Ze is the author of several short fantasy stories combining ridiculous magic, cats, disability, bacon, mental illness, microscopic gnomes, aromanticism, the undead, verbose eldritch entities and as many transgender autistics as any one story can hold.

Ze blogs at Queer Without Gender and runs the aro media blog Aro Worlds.


Ze/hir/hirs or singular they (auxiliary, spoken English). No pronouns historically associated with a binary gender.


As of writing, I like small-a autistic and identity-first language, the phrase “female-designated” should my AGAB ever be relevant (please try to make this as irrelevant as possible), the words “non-binary” or “genderless” and the word “experiences” as opposed to “suffers” when discussing my mental illnesses. I’m content to be referred to as “an autistic” as opposed to “an autistic person” and as “a queer” as opposed to “a queer person”. Words like “an autistic queer” or “a queer autistic” are preferred!

do consider myself trans and non-binary, but not genderqueer. I also refer to myself as a queer or a queer person, and since I don’t feel included under any present initialism, I prefer that all people, including cishet people, call me “queer” as opposed to “LGBT+”. “LGBTQIA+” is suitable if you absolutely cannot use the word “queer”, but it isn’t my preference or my identity.

I am agender as in the sense of being genderless or gendervoid, as in the complete absence of a gender. I prefer language used in reference to me to not treat my absence of a gender as a neutral gender (because it isn’t). Please use “gender identity” when you absolutely have to discuss my identity in language that cannot easily encapsulate the lack of gender.

I’m abrosexual: the sexual orientations I cycle through include grey-asexuality, pansexuality, polysexuality and trixensexuality (attraction to women and non-binary folks). I prefer to be referred to as an abrosexual as opposed to any individual term and I do not (personally) consider my shape of abrosexuality to be an asexual-umbrella experience.

Don’t refer to me as an “enby”. I find “enby” incredibly diminishing and infantilising. “Person” is the word I am most comfortable with, but “agender person” or “genderless person” also works.

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Photo of K. A. Cook. They are a small, white person with short, spiky blond hair wearing a blue check shirt and a black waistcoat, sitting on a brown patio surrounded by green bushes.