The Eagle Court

The Eagle Court is a series of short stories set in a corner of the [Kit March universe], beginning four and a half years before Tes arrives at the College.

Einas ein Iteme, youngest son of the Iteme monarchy, only thought to announce to the world his true identity—that he isn’t a princess. When his declaration results in his father’s murder and a civil war fought between his necromancer mother and his elder brother Paide, the city-state of Ihrne edges further towards chaos. Peace between his surviving relatives, restitution paid to neighbouring Arsh and the support of the Convocation should go some way to restoring equilibrium. It doesn’t reckon on the politics of the court and the civilians of Ihrne when it comes to accepting an undead regent, an autistic heir and a foreign general. When the bones of civil war have been too-soon laid to rest and words go unheard, how does one survive the world for long enough to change it?

The Eagle Court is a series of short, introspective stories about marginalised characters trying to survive their own struggles and take on the hell of politics.

Cover image of "Their Courts of Crows: A Tale of the Eagle Court" by K. A. Cook. Cover has a waterstained paper background with grey line drawings of a crow sitting on a branch, a tree, three falling dandelion seeds, a feather and an arrow, with the title written in alternating serif and handrawn type. The effect is something like a sketch in an antique journal.Their Courts of Crows: Prince Paide ein Iteme has lost his father, his family, his people and his home to a conquering necromancer queen and her armies of the risen dead. A last horrific battle sees him forced to discuss surrender, but that conversation is no small amount complicated when said conquering necromancer is his mother. Who might not have been entirely wrong in her overthrow of Paide’s father…

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A Prince of the Dead: Bones interred under the palace, gold given to field-ravaged farmers and Parliament dallying over amendments: war is ended for Prince-Regent Paide ein Iteme. Or so it should be, but returning home to Ihrne in a broken body ensorcelled by a necromancer leaves Paide struggling with politicians who ignore him and servants who condescend to him. What good is a title and purpose when his words and desires have become meaningless to those around him?

Surviving the dismissal of the Eagle Court is harder than facing an army of shambling corpses. How does a dead soldier fight it when he no longer wishes to live?

(Please note that A Prince of the Dead explores ableism and depression/suicidal ideation, so I recommend reading the included content advisory if this might be a concern.)

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Forthcoming stories include The King of Gears and Bone (Paide’s brother Ein struggles with the expectations of monarchy while trans and autistic) and Truth of the Eyrie (an agender citizen, Switch, realises that the Iteme proclamation doesn’t reach down into the working streets of Ihrne).