The King of Gears and Bone

Cover image of The King of Gears and Bone by K. A. Cook. Cover has a waterstained paper background with grey line drawings of the bones of a human hand and wrist, a head of wheat, an acorn, a small dandelion head, a long-legged wire-haired dog and an arrow, with the title written in alternating serif and handdrawn type. The effect is something like a sketch in an antique journal.The third tale of the Eagle Court. The King of Gears and Bone takes place the same day as A Prince of the Dead, a few hours after the end of Paide’s discussion with the Marches.

In a nation of liars, an honest man cannot rule.

Einas ein Iteme knew he wasn’t a princess. That first truth provoked violence, murder and war, leaving him the heir to the throne of Ihrne—a throne he doesn’t want and can’t hold. How can he when he struggles to put words together, won’t look courtiers in the eye and avoids people on general principle? Yet the Eyrie, even Zaishne, simply assumes Ein will find a way to become the allistic ruler he can never be.

When his brother Paide invites him to a private discussion, Ein sees a chance to voice the second truth. Paide, though, keeps secrets of his own—and doesn’t seem to recognise the fate bound to him by hundreds of devouring angels.

To begin to save Paide’s soul, Ein will have to learn what the world never stirred itself to teach: trust.

Contains: A genderflux, aro-ace, autistic prince seeking to rule on his own terms; a cis, allistic prince learning to be a regent instead of an heir; an allistic, trans general working to support both brothers; and the challenge of governing a kingdom while trans and disabled.

(Please note that The King of Gears and Bone explores familial abuse, so I recommend reading the included content advisory if this may be a concern.)

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Length: 12, 495 words / 34 PDF pages.

The Eagle Court Reading Order: Catch a Man (Have the Girl) | Different in Other Ways | Their Courts of Crows | Maybe When the Bones Crumble | A Prince of the Dead | Loveless | The King of Gears and Bone | Like the Other Prince

Paide and Ein Reading Order: Their Courts of Crows | Maybe When the Bones Crumble | A Prince of the Dead | Loveless | The King of Gears and Bone