When Quiver Meets Quill

When Quiver Meets Quill - K. A. CookJessie’s casing an art gallery affords an opportunity to discuss a queerplatonic relationship. The phrase “I don’t love” encompasses more than a prince’s lack of romantic attraction. A gay aromantic makes a game of his alloromantic co-workers’ inability to accept him. Alida finds an accomplice in petty revenge after hir friend sets hir up on a date. An aro-ace wanderer invents their own fairy tales free of weddings as a happily ever after. And a demiromantic witch learns about aromanticism from her allo-aro cousin after an escapade with an unwanted romantic admirer.

When Quiver Meets Quill collects twelve fantasy and contemporary aromantic stories about amatonormativity, friendship and connection.

Contains: Asexual aros; allosexual aros; aros without reference to sexual attraction identities; transgender and non-binary aros; queer aros; autistic aros; neurodiverse aros; and a genderless aro dragon.

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PDF, EPUB and MOBI editions are available for download from Patreon.

Length: 27, 077 words / 96 PDF pages.

This is a free collection, archiving several previously-published short stories. As many of these stories contain allo-aro characters, please expect sex mentions and references along with romance references, depictions of physical intimacy and depictions of amatonormativity and aromantic antagonism.

Stories include:

For a complete listing of individual blurbs, story lengths, alternate publication links and individual content advisories, please see the When Quiver Meets Quill master page on Aro Worlds.